Handcrafting Timeless Luxury

Our Services

We create exclusive jewelry inspired by your personal style, event needs and taste.

Our team uses their eye for detail and high-quality gemstones & diamonds to manufacture a piece that's just for you.


Let us manufacture while you concentrate on Clients

Brij allows you to concentrate on your client and store needs and takes away the burden of manufacturing. Every retailer today is seeking out custom and unique jewelry, so it's important to include products that aren't found in other stores.

We work with you to make sure jewelry is produced exactly as you specify and with impeccable standards. We can manufacture a unique collection for your store and work with custom orders for your customers.

Our in-house team of cad designer and craftsmen means- we can design around the stones of your customer and any in metal type as per your need. We boost a strong 2500+ GIA certified diamond inventory to fill in your engagement market demands without you having to hold them in stock.

Brij is your one-stop shop for all your manufacturing needs.

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All designs start with a sketch

Creating your own line of jewelry, starts with a sketch. Brij will partner with you to handle everything from concept and design to production and order fulfillment.

Concept and Design

You can share us your design inspiration and we will convert it into a computer design model. On these model you can suggest changes and we will alter the model till you see it as envisioned.


After your approval, we will develop a prototype using the latest 3D printer. These wax printed models are then taken to manufacturing floor to convert them into your first real life piece of jewelery.

Order and Reorders

Once your line of jewelry has been developed, designed, and produced, you’ll have the option to use our order fulfillment services for orders and reorders.

Our Promise :We will store your mould and design and sign a non disclosure agreement so your design truly stays yours.


Bespoke Jewelry for Every Kind of Client

Need a special custom piece made? Working with a custom jeweler allows a much higher degree of freedom to craft a truly unique luxury piece which is true to yourself.

The Process

The development of your piece begins by developing a computer model, which can then be customized to your liking and design preference. With your approval, the piece will then be 3D printed as a wax model. The jewelry will be manufactured in the metal & color of your choice - Platinum or Gold ,and finally set with diamonds and other precious gems as per your selection.

Need a custom engagement ring made just for her ?

Set up an appointment today and see how we can help craft your dream jewelry and get it ready in weeks.